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Solar Energy Information

In all its vastness, the sun still remains somewhat of a mystery to us. We know that it provides us with light and energy and that it is extremely hot. We have been using the energy from our nearest star forever. A simple example is hanging our clothes out to dry in the sunlight. The sunlight provides us with food by helping plants produce their own food and making them grow. Life on earth simply wouldn't exist without the sun, but there is much more to the fiery star than what it does for us automatically.

The sun provides us with an incomprehensible amount of energy every minute of the day. Some of that energy allows us to exist without doing a thing. However, there are more advantages of solar energy that we receive when we harness it. For example, NASA has satellites in orbit that are energized by the sun. In the late 1800s, solar water heaters were very popular, and they are beginning to make a comeback.

Photovoltaic or solar panels are used to convert the sunlight into electricity. The sun can also be used to charge batteries. Take a look at the Bee Cool Inc. Smart Charger on this site, for an example. We have also created Bee Cool Ventilators to increase honey production in bee hives.

The Bee Cool Ventilators help bees to create more honey. A thermostat is placed inside the beehive. When the temperature is too hot, the thermostat tells the fan to blow fresh cool air into the hive. The fan is powered directly by a photovoltaic solar panel, or by a battery that is charged by the solar panel if you choose to add a battery. This solar-powered ventilation system keeps the beehives cool, and controls the humidity and carbon dioxide levels inside the hives. There are vents on the sides of the module that vent out the exhausted air. Our BC-103 and BC-99 solar panels also have adjustable arms, to allow you to easily mount them near the ventilator. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 802-425-7151 or Beecool@gmavt.net.

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