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Solar Battery Charger

Why not use the sun to charge your 12-volt acid batteries? The Smart Charger from Bee Cool Inc. allows you to do just that. Our solar battery charger has the same features as our regular solar panels, but it also has a smart charger circuit. You can use it to charge any type of 12-volt lead acid battery and it will also run small 12-volt appliances.

The Smart Charger has a built-in microprocessor that moderates the amount of energy allowed into the battery, to prevent overcharging. There are three charging states to fully complete the battery charging, but also to prevent any damage from occurring. There is also an LED light indicator that tells you which charging state the Smart Charger is in, and when the battery is done recharging. The charger panels also feature reverse battery and short circuit protection.

The Smart Charger is designed to regulate an output voltage of 13.8 to prevent any damage to small appliances. You can also wire several panels together in a parallel formation to generate more power. The Smart Chargers cannot, however, be wired in a series for more voltage.

We offer discounted rates when you purchase 10 or more panels. Like our other solar panels, the smart charger has the built-on arm that allows it to be attached easily to practically any surface. Recreational vehicles, boats, docks, storage buildings and garages are a few ideal examples. We use monocrystalline technology to create the most efficient and stable charger panels. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at 802-425-7151 or Beecool@gmavt.net.

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